Broderick “Bay-Bro” Robinson is a Washingtonian, an International Master Drummer; a Master Drum / Percussion Instructor, Recording Artist and Song Writer. He was inspired by his beloved mother; who was a school teacher and a piano instructor, too pursue music. With that being said; he started taking drum lessons at the age of 7 at the DC Music Center located in Washington DC. His first drum instructor’s name was the late & great Jimmy Hicks who also was his mentor. After several years of taking drum lessons; he was offered a position to teach drums at the DC Music Center at the age of 19. He became the primary drum instructor for 18 years. He has been playing drums for over 50 years and have over 40 years of experience as a drum instructor. He has taught well over 1000+ students to play drums successfully. Some of his students have gone off to college to pursue music and some have played with well known music groups. Broderick, also taught himself to play bass and rhythm guitar.

Broderick has an amazing wife name Tammy and he calls her his best friend 4 Life! They have been married for 37 years and have 4 amazing sons, Brokeem, Derrick, Erick, and Reggie. He also have one amazing granddaughter name London Serenity Robinson. She has brought so much joy to his life. When he wake up in morning he know why? Which is to help children find their true purpose and destiny in life through their gifts. He Loves the Lord, his family, children, teaching, music of all styles and most of all, Broderick loves sharing his God given gift with people and the next generation.

He Thanks “The MOST HIGH God” for his musical gift.

Life without a sense of purpose is like an unsharpend pencil. There is No Point
Find your purpose and take charge of your destiny
Record Or Video Yourself Playing Drums
This helps you hear the tempo and remember what you have played

Shoot For The Stars, And You Might Just Hit The Moon:
If you set your goals high, you will likely go much farther in life because you have a longer way to go and you’ll work harder to get there.
Say It; Then Play It
The best way to learn a new rhythm is to say it out loud and count it. This will allow your brain to understand it.
Learn the Value of All Your Notes
This will help your coordination and your reading skills. Knowing Drum Theory is important.
And don’t forget to practice, practice, practice!